Admissions for Our Mental Health Services

Admissions for Our Mental Health Services

Mental Health Admissions and Referrals

West Hills Behavioral Health Hospital’s Admissions Department is available to assist individuals age 4 and older who are experiencing a behavioral or chemical dependency issue. West Hills Behavioral Health Hospital, located in Reno, Nevada, treats patients with issues that relate to depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, adjustment disorders, personality disorders and psychosis. 

Through acute inpatient psychiatric care programs and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), we have a continuum of care to address a spectrum of behavioral health and substance use disorder concerns. 

In addition, West Hills Behavioral Health Hospital also treats patients for medically-supervised detoxification and rehabilitation services related to alcohol/drug abuse.

Open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

No-cost mental health assessments and screening are available 24/7. These assessments are conducted by Master’s level counselors, registered nurses or other qualified mental health professionals. From here, we’ll work to make a recommendation (whether care needs to be inpatient or if an individual can live at home) and work to put together a treatment plan once the patient is admitted.

If your patients are in need of a care provider for mental health in Reno or in the greater northern Nevada area, please reach out to our facility. We are always happy to accept referrals for treatment from other providers who feel their client could benefit from inpatient care or intensive outpatient treatment.

Learn more about our programs for children, teens and adults to discover if the services and programs at our Reno behavioral healthcare hospital are a good fit for you, your loved one, or your patients. 

For additional mental health resources, please visit the National Institute on Mental Health and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Insurance Information

Cost should never be a barrier to treatment. Whether you’re seeking out acute inpatient mental health services, or you’re looking for help with substance abuse, we want you to get the help you need. 

West Hills Behavioral Health Hospital accepts TRICARE®, Medicaid and Medicare, as well as most major health insurances. If you’re concerned about what your insurance will cover, please call us and we’ll work with you to determine what your options are. If possible, it’s always best to discuss these issues prior to admission to hospital for mental health services. 

Our clinical team and physicians work diligently to build on the strengths of patients and provide them with support to heal their invisible wounds. In Reno, Las Vegas, Nevada, and across the United States, mental health is at the forefront of the national health care dialogue, and we are proud to be continuing and leading the conversation in our region with patients young and old.

Mental illness and substance abuse problems are serious issues, and our psychiatric facility is dedicated to getting individuals the treatment and/or therapy sessions they need to recover.

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Help is a Phone Call Away

If you or a loved one may need of behavioral health or chemical dependency treatment, West Hills Behavioral Health Hospital may be able to help. We provide psychiatric treatment for children, teens and adults who are experiencing mental and emotional health issues. Please call 800-242-0478 for a no-cost, confidential assessment, available 24/7.

For questions about our program, feel free to call us or send us a message. In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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